[Comment] Illuminate the most needy places with the best lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

According to the 'Beijing Evening News' report, a few days ago, the Beijing prison system 14 units have been replaced It has become an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solar lighting photoelectric lighting system, and the newly installed 1238 盏 solar light will be Save 800,000 yuan in electricity for the prison. According to reports, the solar lights used in this project are the best in the country. The entire system can normally illuminate in the case of continuous rainy days for 15 days, and the illumination is not affected.

The Beijing prison system has been rebuilt with a large-scale lighting system, which not only saves the next big electricity bill, but also It can also reduce the emission of a large amount of polluting gases and pollutants, which is undoubtedly a national energy conservation and emission reduction work. Kind of support, but the meaning of this matter does not seem to stop there.

From the perspective of human nature, the Beijing prison system has completely replaced the solar photovoltaic system. To a certain extent, it also reflects the government's human care for criminals. To some extent In fact, it is also the performance of this social progress.

In the eyes of the public, the prison seems to be a place of 'squatting'. Those who have got it, they are the scum of people’s eyes. According to ordinary people’s thinking, scum should “enjoy” non-human There is no human right to treat. Can be 'equality in life', from the perspective of jurisprudence, we can Deprivation of one’s political rights and partial personal rights, but cannot deprive a person of the most basic 格权. With its characteristics, the prison can only be a dark area. But temporarily 'hosting' in this film The special population in the dark area still has the most basic right to life and independent personality rights. They can As with normal people, asking for a normal life, you can reject the darkness and embrace the light.

In the process of remodeling the lighting system, Yanqing Prison was the first “green and environmentally friendly” in the country. Energy-saving prisons, the first installation of solar lights, comprehensively solved the lighting problems of special people, Water problems and heating problems, etc. In this revision, in my opinion, the savings are secondary. The main thing is that this change has improved the human environment of the prison and allowed the “guilty person” to see the “brightness”. I feel the 'warm' of human nature.

China’s society has developed to today, and both the economy and culture have made great progress. In order to maintain sustained stability and sustainable development, the government and the public should look to the previously neglected The field and some special people, pay attention to their existence and solve the problems they face. The prison is a place where too many special people are gathered. They have been 'alternative'. Note, but longer is ignored. They are all sinful people, special people, and 'weak.' Groups, they are a group of people who are eager for the light.

From them, we can see the stability and civilization of this society. From some sort To a certain extent, their existence will affect the development of this society to a certain extent, so Concerns about their living conditions are also a concern for the overall development process of the entire society. Lighting industry For an industry that can bring light, it seems that it should be more courageous to take on more social responsibilities than to wait. The promotion of government policies. Although many companies have performed well in this disaster relief, they are on the whole industry. It seems that it can still be done better.

For example, when the Beijing prison system was rebuilt with lighting equipment, there would be no lighting companies. we Enterprises in the lighting industry can take advantage of the strong promotion of energy-saving lamps in the country. Has the government promoted the renovation of the lighting system in the national prison system?

Write/Edit: China Lighting Network Wu Yu

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