[Comment] 'Double merit' of temple energy saving

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

The promotion of energy-saving lamps and the implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies have made the wind of energy conservation sweep across the country. Reports on energy reduction are also overwhelming. This is of course a good thing. We should take the power of society as a whole. The drum and the call. The energy crisis will not ease one day, and we will not be lazy at all.

Looking at the daily news reports and the information published by the government, I think that the energy saving is reduced by the author’s vision. The impact of the platoon policy has largely covered all walks of life, and some industries have not even taken any measures for the time being. Less should be heard. However, after reading a report in the 'Taiwan Economic Daily' today, I suddenly found out that There is still a 'outside the land' that is still detached. What is the collective name for this quiet world? Yes temple! I say so, maybe it is disturbing the Buddha Road is quiet. But when the land of the world is not quiet Is it also necessary to return to the 'world' to return to the truth and rebuild the real body?

'Taiwan Economic Daily' contains, in order to promote energy-saving emission reduction policies, Taipei City persuaded temples to light When replacing the traditional tungsten filament lamp with LED light, the emphasis is on 'double merit', that is: the light of the light is saved, except To guide the bright future of the believers, and to light another bright road for the protection of the global environment. This is equal to getting ' Double merit.'

This report also counted for everyone: there are 954 registered temples in Taipei County, with an average of There are six hundred bright lights in the temple. If you use LED bulbs, each temple can save 28,000 kWh of electricity a year. 88,000 yuan NT$ electricity bill, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 7,600 tons; if more than 900 temples in the county are changed With LED bulbs, it saves 5.8 million kWh of electricity and 1.21 million tons of carbon per year.

Only 900 temples in such an area of ​​Taipei County can be obtained with energy-saving lamps. What is remarkable energy-saving effect, needless to say, the result is of course amazing. Of course, the results are amazing. One aspect: First, the temple turned out to be a hidden 'electric mouse'. I really don't see it. Second, the quiet place is like a temple, and after all, it can't be detached. It is a world-class person who is willing to accept the secular idea and can accept the energy-saving and emission-reduction policy. . We first looked at this report and felt that the wind energy of energy conservation and emission reduction has spread to this point. The moon is full of fragrance, ... I don’t know how to turn into this.'

Since ancient times, the monks have lived in the temple, and the monks have built the view, and the nuns have repaired them. After a thousand years, it is respected by Buddhist temples. . In the temple, the Buddha speaks of the world and also speaks of the WTO; when it comes out of the detachment, it is the Pudu sentient beings. Temple of the present Taipei area I am pleased to accept this initiative of the Taipei City Government, not to 'cross the crowd,' but to 'transfer' It is. This also reflects the courage of self-study and self-examination.

The energy consumption of the temple in Taipei is of course closely related to the prosperity of the incense, and the temple incense It is also inseparable from the religious beliefs and economic conditions of the local people. In my country, temple The size of the group is far from being comparable to that of Taipei, and the population, density and people’s religious beliefs They are far above Taipei County, not to mention the fact that the mainland economy has been in a state of rapid development. The prosperity of the temple’s incense in the mainland seems to exceed people’s imagination, and the number of lighting power consumption is huge. It will also exceed people's imagination. Take Shaolin Temple as an example. There is only one hospitalization, that is, there are seven-in-one axis buildings and many hall buildings, covering an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters. This scale is also scary enough in terms of lighting energy consumption.

The hospitalization of Shaolin Temple is only a representative. There are countless other large, medium and small temples in the Mainland. If the mainland government can actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction in temples, domestic temples can also participate in energy conservation and emission reduction, and widely use energy-saving lamps. I believe that the parties will not be 'double merit' but 'infinite merit'.

Write/Edit: China Lighting Network Chusi

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