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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01

The National Lighting Electrical Materials Conference and LED Lighting Product Supply Chain Conference hosted by China Lighting Association has undergone more than 30 years of development and change, and has become an industrial chain event in China's lighting electrical industry. The conference gradually turned to become a platform for serving the semiconductor lighting industry in China and optimizing the supplier of raw material components. On September 20-21, 2017, China Lighting Association held the “National Lighting Industry Supply Chain Conference 2017 (Thirty-third)” in Nanchang, Jiangxi. With the rapid development of the LED lighting industry and the advancement of information technology such as the Internet, the supply chain structure, supply methods and procurement methods of the lighting electrical industry have undergone profound changes. The supply chain conference is also constantly in the organization and content arrangement. Try to adjust and change. At this year's conference, technical matchmaking and product information display and launch events for new materials and new product supply and demand enterprises were arranged.

On September 21, a number of companies published information on the company's products and technologies, including Yao Junjun, an engineer at Shanghai Caisheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Wei, a regional manager of Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Province. Liu Zhihua, Marketing Director of Jingrui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Sun Guoxi, Senior Director of R&D of Nanchang Yimei Core Light Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Guoping, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Donghai Lanyu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The company's LED raw materials, components and products advantages and technology were introduced. The content includes: introduction of LED anti-glare products of Shanghai Caiyu, introduction of semiconductor lighting chips of Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan, application of csp of Jiangxi Jingrui in indoor and outdoor lighting and industrial lighting, fertile soil of LED industry cluster of Yimeixinguang, The large-scale tree planted by Zhiyimei, the application of sapphire materials in the East China Sea blue jade in solid-state lighting. In the same period of the meeting, the product was also displayed on site.

Yao Junjun, an engineer at Shanghai Caiyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Yang Wei, Regional Manager of Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Liu Zhihua, Marketing Director of Jiangxi Jingrui Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Sun Guoxi, Senior Director of R&D, Nanchang Yimei Core Light Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Guoping, deputy general manager of Xidong Hailan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

China Photographic Association invited representatives of large-scale procurement enterprises in Zhejiang Lighting, such as Zhejiang Sunshine, Xiamen Topstar, Hung Hom Lighting, and Jiangxi Midea Lighting, to report on the LED product supply chain under the current new normal. Management and demand for raw materials, positioning and other relevant information. About 200 participants attended the matchmaking meeting. The docking meeting will cover a wide range and will be well received by the participants.

Intern Editor: Yang Zhiwei

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