Cleverly arrange the European-style desk lamp in the study to escort your eyesight all the way

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
The study is a place for our daily study and work. In order to protect our eyesight, the selection and arrangement of European-style desk lamps in the study is particularly important. It should be coordinated and matched according to the pattern and position of the study. So, what should we do? Next, snooker Meiju teaches you how to arrange European desk lamps in your study? 1. When selecting European-style desk lamps in the study, it is important to remember to coordinate the relationship between general lighting and local lighting. General lighting should not be too bright so that people can pay attention to the local lighting environment, however, it is not advisable to work in a local lighting environment. The light and shade contrast of this light environment is too strong, which will make people's eyes tired in long-term visual work. 2. The European-style desk lamp in the study should be dominated by local lighting. In order to create such an environment, we must first consider the functionality of the full copper lamp in the study, and we must fully consider the light source. It can not only create a variety of styles and tastes, but also provide lighting conditions for daily work such as reading and writing. 3. The lighting height and brightness of the European-style desk lamp in the study are also very important. Incandescent lamps are generally suitable for all-copper desk lamps, and the wattage is preferably about 60 W. Too dark is detrimental to the health of the eyes, too bright and dazzling is also unfavorable to the eyes. In addition, the size and height of the desk and table top are also very important. The size of the table top can be determined according to the range of activities of the hand and the props and books configured for work needs. Therefore, when purchasing European-style desk lamps in the study, not only the decorative effect but also the functionality and rationality of the lights should be considered. It is best to have a copper desk lamp in the study so that people can read and find books. However, pay attention to the lamp to evenly illuminate the place where you read and write, not too close to people, so as not to glare. The long-arm desk lamp is especially suitable for study lighting. European table lamp ST22350-01
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