Clever sitting room lighting method were selected

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
Zhongshan lighting factory: the sitting room is the main place to relax and exchange in the family, is also the main bedroom, guest so ou crystal chandelier lighting accessories, such as other aspects of the decoration, it is equally important. Sheepskin lamp factory if spacious modern crystal droplight of the sitting room, sitting room area is achieved in more than 20 square meters, can choose novel appearance, luxury, style each different modelling of sitting room lamps lighting. But if sitting room area is in the 2 o square meters the following, suit to adopt absorb dome light. The floor height is best in 2. More than 5 meters. Also suit to install droplight. On the contrary, the following is to absorb dome light. Lamp is installed directly on the ceiling, above instead of sitting room space, feeling on the space will be more spacious. The lamp wattage shoulds not be too big, with 25 watt fluorescent lamp is preferred. Crystal chandelier manufacturer: inside the sitting room is commonly decorate the place of the television, in order to meet the needs of the lights when watching TV, the sitting room had better install a small degree of lamps and lanterns, such as selection of wall lamp, because the wall lamp adornment sex is strong. Attention not to the direction of the wall lamp is on the TV screen, otherwise will be reflective, influence the effect of the watch. In order to browse the newspaper in the living room, can set a floor lamp indoors. Sitting room installation European wall lamp, crystal droplight, if indoor ceiling fan has been installed, it is best not to install, but can be installed to absorb dome light or a ceiling fan, electric ceiling lamp, build the feeling will be a little ancient flavor, this new type of ceiling fans aesthetically pleasing, adornment sex is strong, although not expensive, but also more expensive. If you don't like this kind of ceiling lamp, can also change the ceiling fans to a 'dimmer droplight,' winter will ceiling fans when using a spin-off. In the summer and then switch back to ceiling fans, to switch to other lamp lighting inside the sitting room. It's a little trouble, but need to see you. In short, the illume of the sitting room color should make the person produces a capacious, gentle, quiet sense. This paper label: zhongshan crystal droplight, wholesale crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, reprint please indicate the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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