Clean all copper fan lights, these three magic weapons can not be less

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
The all-copper fan lamp at home has been used for a long time and needs cleaning, but do you know how to clean it? Clean all copper fan lights, these three magic weapons can not be less! First, edible vinegar practice: when cleaning the fan lamp, first take out 10ml of edible vinegar and mix it with 50 times of water. Then soak the rag in it to wipe the fan lamp. In this way, while keeping the lamps bright and clean, they are not afraid of static electricity. The most important thing is that it will not be easy to get dust again. Second, the special detergent method: spray the detergent toward the surface of the fan lamp, wait for one minute, with the volatilization of the detergent, the dust on the surface of the fan lamp is easily cleaned up. Third, kerosene, old toothbrush, washing powder practice: carefully remove the crystal of the fan lamp, immerse them in kerosene, and then gently wipe the surface with a toothbrush. After the dirt on the surface softens, scrub it with washing powder. Note: When kerosene is directly cleaned, the fan blades must be removed, the part to be cleaned should be coated with kerosene, brushed with a brush, and the residual kerosene indicated by detergent should be removed after waiting for a while. When cleaning the all-copper fan lamp blades, remember not to press strongly when wiping, so as not to deform, and not to clean with wet cloth to avoid moisture. Usually wipe with a clean soft cloth, if there is dirt, you can use a dry cloth to clean with a small amount of alcohol.
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