Classification and application of all copper glass solder lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
All-copper glass solder lamp is an integral part of interior decoration lighting. All-in-one copper glass solder lamp is divided into many categories due to its different installation positions and uses. All-copper snooker lamps in order to make it convenient for consumers to better understand all-copper glass solder lamps, glass solder lamps are mainly divided into the following categories according to different installation methods: All-copper glass solder lamp chandeliers: All-copper glass solder lamp chandeliers, refers to lamps with hanging feeling. This kind of lamp is the most atmospheric and widely applicable product among all copper glass solder lamps. It is often suitable for living rooms, restaurants, Villa halls, hotel lobbies and other major places. The link between the lamp body and the ceiling is done with a hanging chain. All-copper glass solder lamp chandeliers are mostly suitable for 3. It is installed in a space with a floor height of more than 10 square meters. Copper Glass han xi deng ban diao deng: Copper Glass han xi deng ban diao deng also known as semi-ceiling it is cira mei ju of designer for to adapt to domestic residential building-storey common for 2. A kind of lamp that can be designed and developed in the case of about 8 meters. The height of the all-copper glass solder lamp semi-chandelier is less than 70 CM. Because its lampshade is generally in the direction of the sky, we vividly call it the all-copper glass solder lamp semi-chandelier. It is suitable for a floor height of 2. The living room, dining room, bedroom and study room below are installed. As the name implies, all-copper glass solder lamp ceiling lamp is a lamp installed on the ceiling. It is mostly suitable for indoor balconies, aisles, corridors, porches, small bedrooms or restaurants.
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