Classical European chandeliers enjoy the taste of life

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
Now there are many decoration styles, including the modern style of pursuing minimalism, the natural American style, and the European style of gorgeous atmosphere. When it comes to European style decoration, lamps and lanterns play a particularly important decorative role. A European chandelier can show the characteristics of European style decoration to the fullest! European style decoration pays attention to luxury, extravagance, strong color, furniture is also the choice of heavier colors, giving a strong sense of visual impact. Match SZ50827- 11A this all-copper European chandelier shows a classical and noble temperament. The nostalgic bronze wall has simple and beautiful lines, and the frosted petal-shaped lampshade is both stable and graceful. The classic crystal decoration is also an indispensable part. The hanging crystal looks dazzling under the light, making the living room more atmospheric and noble. Size: W970 * H 550 applicable place: Living room bedroom study, European chandelier is a representative home decoration in European style decoration, and the choice of styles is also about style matching, for more information on European chandelier styles, please call the national toll-free hotline for snooker: 400-800-7609.
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