Classic and never-ending Copper Solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
Today, let's introduce a special lamp, a classic Copper Solder lamp that does not fall. First of all, let's popularize the concept of solder lamp. All-Copper Solder lamp, from the material point of view: All-Copper Solder lamp is made of copper and glass as the main material. The domestic mainstream manufacturing process is to use machinery to process the copper sheet into a groove, then wrap the prepared glass of various shapes with the prepared copper groove, and the next step is the soldering process. The technicians use hot chrome iron or electric iron to burn red and tin, and splice the copper-coated glass parts one by one, finally, lamps with different shapes are formed. Therefore, the industry Image calls it all copper glass solder lamp (Or directly called All Copper Solder lamp). It originated in North America. It is a kind of lamp developed on the basis of North American and European architectural styles in the 19th century. Later introduced by Taiwanese to the mainland. With China's reform and opening up, it is gradually known by the Chinese. All-Copper Solder lamp has experienced more than 20 years of development in China, from the simple imitation of European and American style at the beginning to self-innovation and the addition of traditional Chinese elements. Derived from Chinese classical lamps, European crystal lamps and other high-end lamps. Its representative significance has also evolved from a single style lamp in the past to a common lamp manufacturing process.
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