Choose a living room chandelier to make your home warmer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
Now is a good time to decorate. The lighting in the home decoration is the finishing touch in the decoration. It can not only play a basic lighting role, but also show the cultural and artistic accomplishment of the owner of the house. The living room is the place where people spend the longest time except the bedroom. It is not only the center of family activities, but also the place to receive relatives and friends. Therefore, you must carefully consider when choosing the living room chandelier. First, according to the high and low collocation, it is well known that the living room is the facade of the family. The chosen chandelier in the living room may not reflect your decorative style and may be slightly shabby. If it is too luxurious, it may appear too flamboyant. The best choice for living room chandeliers is solemn and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps. Considering the coordination with the living room decoration, strive for elegance and abandon luxury. If you are used to activities in the living room, the standing lamps and table lamps in the living room space are designed with decoration as the main and functionality as the auxiliary. Standing lamps and table lamps are auxiliary light sources that match each space. In order to facilitate coordination with space, lamps with too strange shapes are not suitable. Second, we should pay attention to light pollution. Some families like to install lights of various colors and styles in their rooms when decorating. In fact, colorful lights not only do great harm to people's vision, but also interfere with the function of the brain's central higher nervous system. In fact, the practicality is poor. Third, install the sub-control switch, install the sub-control switch, you can save a lot of troubles. Because if there is only one master switch and several lights are on and off together, the light and shade of light cannot be selected, and electric energy will also be wasted. If there is an aisle at the entrance of the house, it is best to install a switch at the end of the aisle, so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the door, and there is no need to go to the door to turn off the lights.
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