Chinese lamps give you a classical and elegant feeling

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
Chinese lamps are increasingly sought after in the development of the lighting industry, and people's eyes have gradually shifted from European-style lamps to classical and elegant Chinese lamps. Chinese lamps and lanterns are the design inspiration from the modeling of ancient Chinese lamps and lanterns. With strong Chinese characteristics, they are slightly low-key and often give people a feeling of silence and peace, it is often suitable for study rooms with strong artistic flavor. The inspiration for the design of Chinese lamps comes from the combination of ancient Chinese lanterns and traditional culture, and some are still designed according to the multi-heads of previous candles. The color is mainly bronze. Chinese lamps and lanterns are made by Chinese classical traditional lanterns. The color is mainly bronze, and the shape is more diverse. There are numerous and complicated Chinese lamps and lanterns, including square, round and oval.
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