Chinese chandeliers bring you a taste of antique life

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
A typical feature of Chinese lamps is a strong Chinese flavor. Take the Chinese chandelier for example. The Chinese chandelier is elegant in shape. It seems that every lamp can make people miss the past and yearn for the future. The antique Chinese chandelier is close to nature, simple and friendly, looks simple, but in fact rich, has style and does not appear depressed, creating a natural, warm and antique feeling. Xiao Bian recommends a Chinese chandelier for snooker. Simple Chinese style living room, maybe not too prominent Chinese elements, no conspicuous mahogany furniture, no exaggerated Chinese painting, the whole living room is made of simple Chinese elements, poetic lotus background wall, chinese paintings full of charm are as tender as poems. With this SZ07338- 09, it is perfect, simple and elegant, it will not appear to be arrogant, the Chinese style pays attention to structural symmetry, so the Chinese chandelier naturally can not abandon this feature, symmetrical 6 side covers, the bottom is designed with a Lamp pot, which makes people look more stable and safe.
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