Charm copper ceiling lamp SX07018-04

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
There is such an all-copper ceiling lamp, which looks simple and simple, but actually has extraordinary charm. The side cover is a distinctive water-grain glass, which is clear and bright, and the copper strip is tightly attached to the glass, at the bottom is frosted glass, so the light is just right, very soft and comfortable. This is the real shot that our customer Mr. Li gave us. Mr. Li said that he was choosing a full copper ceiling lamp. To be honest, he didn't like it very much when he first saw this lamp, there are even some worries that it will not be suitable to hang at home. After the installation, we learned that Mr. Li was installed at the entrance of the house. The size is very suitable. The real thing is much better than the picture, it is also beautiful when the lights are on. Petal-shaped all-copper ceiling lamp seems to symbolize a happy life and bloom beautifully. This is all-copper ceiling lamp SX07018-The charm of 04.
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