US Labsphere Releases Upgraded New Product Family for LED and Light Source Characterization

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01
 Labsphere released an updated new product line for LED and light source characterization The new 'Starter and Choice' series of devices provide users with a complete and flexible optical test solution SHANGHAI, Aug. 1 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- In order to meet the growing demand for extensive optical testing in China's scientific and industrial markets, Labsphere is a world leader in the design and manufacture of optical test solutions. The company has released a new line of LED and light source measurement products. Labsphere's products are ideally suited for the development of lighting and display technologies that China is committed to. The new products in the 'Starter and Choice' range include spectrometers, light intensity probes, spectral irradiance receivers, standard calibration light sources, LED space analyzers and the new LightX software platform. The new product range is tailored to the user's research, development and production needs with precise calibration measures and fast test solutions. The highly sensitive CDS 1100 and CDS 2100 CCD array spectrometers provide full spectral irradiance, luminosity and colorimetric measurements for a wide range of source sizes, providing a broad spectral range covering the UV-VIS-NIR band. This type of electric cooling, rear sensitive CCD design features low noise and large dynamic range. A variety of accessories are available to extend spectrometer performance. The I 1000 and I 2000 probes can be used to determine the repeatability of the average spectral intensity of the LED. To measure spectral irradiance, an E 1000 optical probe can be used with the Labsphere spectrometer for precise measurement at the touch of a button. Using the IES 1000 standard calibration light source, end users can calibrate intensity and spectral irradiance probes to NIST traceability standards in the field. Durable tungsten halogen lamps based on point source standard calibration have a 2000 hour rating life. In the application of LED space measurement, the LSA 3000 automatic angle measuring spectrometer in the new product range can be used. It can perform accurate LED measurements at small angles or wide distributions, as well as plot relative strength versus angle. The range of accessories are integrated and controlled by Labsphere's Windows-based (XP) and Vista(R)-based operating system, LightX. The software is quick to install, intuitive to calibrate, and easy to use. The user interface is easy to use for both engineering and production line staff. All Labsphere series components are designed to be compact and ergonomic and easy to transition from research and development to production. The “Starter and Choice” range of products is versatile and can be selected with the help of the Labsphere sales team to build special-purpose products. Lanfei Optical Co., Ltd. Lanfei Optics Co., Ltd. (, headquartered in North Sutton, New Hampshire, USA, is a world leader in optical test, measurement and optical coatings, including LED, laser and traditional source light measurement. System; balanced source for imaging device calibration; spectroscopy accessory equipment; high diffuse reflective material and backlit display overlay, computer X-ray imaging, and system calibration. The company's experts have acquired a number of patented technologies in many areas, such as wafer and UV transmission test methods. Introduction to Haomai Halma International Limited ( is a leading international electronics, security and environmental technology market with more than 3,000 employees and an annual turnover of over US$600 million (2006). With 40 subsidiaries worldwide, Halma specializes in hazardous detection and life protection related products. These companies are supporting the continued development of China's prosperous economy in areas such as energy, water, infrastructure, environmental protection and healthcare. In addition to Lanfei Optics, there are many Halma subsidiaries that have established markets in China through representatives of the Halma office or through partnerships and distribution agreements with local Chinese companies.Editor: China Lighting Network Lu Langjia
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