ceiling fans, light fixtures get upgrade for outdoors.

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-26
Charlene Bernard, Atlanta
Outdoor ceiling fans and fixtures are moving in a better direction as suppliers and retailers want to upgrade their style to meet the ongoing consumption trend of decorating outdoor spaces.
\"This is one of the biggest growth opportunities,\" said Douglas Mudd, Emerson\'s marketing director . \".
\"As more and more people stay at home ,[outdoor spaces]
Become the focus of social activities.
Design is becoming more and more important in this field.
\"The biggest trend we \'ve seen in outdoor lighting is to showcase highly styled products, as well as to drive larger brackets,\" said Monte Hall, vice president of arts and crafts sales . \".
\"People want to make a statement.
\"Most new homes built today in the United States have the concept of an outdoor space being an extra living space,\" said Karyl Pierce Paxton, who designed products for Savoy House.
\"The revival of the outdoor living space creates new opportunities for the external lighting market.
\"Outdoor products\" are becoming a huge market for us, \"said Patrick Wiseman, manager of Diego, a fan under four.
Unit store in InCalifornia.
In houses with open floor plans, family rooms and kitchens lead to outdoor space, which is particularly evident, he said.
\"Like a spacious room;
People want them to look similar to each other.
Outdoor electric fans and lighting are two of the fastest, he said.
Best-selling products in the store include Kichler, Savoy House, Emerson and Casablanca.
As for the style, he said the tropical style is declining, Tuscany-
Inspiration design is more popular.
In Southern California, Wiseman points out that consumers use outdoor space every year.
Therefore, it is not very sensitive to the price of outdoor products.
\"They focus on quality,\" he said . \"
\"They want the best.
Most consumers are willing to spend a little more because they use it every yearround.
\"Stores in other parts of China can\'t say that either.
David director, president of Connecticut state lighting, said consumers in his area only use their outdoor space for a short period of time, so they are more expensive --conscious.
The good news, though, is that the manufacturer\'s response is that the price of the decorative look is high.
\"We see manufacturers rolling out a range of products that seem to be more affordable,\" the director said . \".
\"They are not low --endproducts.
But, he added, \"We certainly see an increase in the use of outdoor fans.
The director said that the indoor style of outdoor use is becoming more and more popular.
He quoted Monte Carlo.
Steel unit as a good example.
\"Most manufacturers have come up with finishes like indoor fans, so [consumers]
\"A theme can be carried,\" he said . \".
\"They don\'t need nonsense, they can be exciting.
\"Even in the area where the director is located, he has more interest in outdoor products, especially landscape lighting.
Lighting is emphasized as an element of decoration.
\"Business is getting better every year.
\"He said bronze was particularly popular and he did a great job in the outdoor fixtures of Minka, Monte Carlo, fine arts and Quoizel, as well as the\" cool chandelier \"of Murray Feiss.
The director said that the trend of large-scale outdoor lighting has not proved as popular as some have suggested, adding, \"This is something we do, but the average size is the norm.
\"The Artisan Hall agrees with the director that the price is an issue for outdoor enthusiasts.
\"You have to be aware of the cost,\" Hall said . \".
\"It\'s more a luxury than lighting \".
\"But you still want something to declare.
\"Andwith highly stylized fixtures,\" retail is rising a bit.
Competition is always stressful, but when you design fixtures that are bigger and more functional, they come up with some.
\"There is more price sensitivity in the market, but this is changing,\" said John Pearson, vice president of marketing in Casablanca . \".
\"People used to want to use the cheapest food in an outdoor environment.
But now people spend more money.
Outdoor space
More than before.
Outdoor ceiling fans and fixtures will follow.
\"Casablanca currently has six outdoor fans of traditional styles, but the company plans to introduce more styles, adding features, designs and finishes.
\"There is a lot of growth potential in this category,\" Pearson said \". Caption(s)
: Greek architecture of the Acropolis in the Savoy house of Pierce pakeston waskabred Karyl.
/Left: Craftmade adds decorative elements and textured glass to its Frances fixture.
Emerson\'s Westfield outdoor fan combines modern style with outdoor functions.
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