Carina Lau Hong Kong's luxury home interior scene exposed for the first time, the super large restaurant crystal chandeliers, the ultimate luxury worth millions

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
I believe everyone is familiar with Carina Lau. She is well-known in the entertainment industry. She was well known for her role in a role in 1989. After that, she used her superb acting skills to make many netizens her fans. During the year, she also participated in many variety shows. In the show, Carina Lau has a more bold personality and a good attitude towards people. Recently, Carina Lau posted an interior view of her luxury house in Hong Kong on her social platform. After seeing these photos Many netizens said that this is too luxurious, and the decoration style is more emotional. We can see that the lights in the mansion are a bit darker, and the decoration and sofas are reddish. It's completely luxurious, and it has nothing to do with simplicity. At the same time, this house is still a duplex room, and the house price is naturally higher than that of a general house. The upper and lower floors are clear. Of course, the focus is still on the decoration and display. Although Nian Han is not specialized in decoration, from the appearance of materials, the love nest of Carina Lau and Tony Leung can be said to have made a big mistake, and it can also reflect the two people's home tastes. . The strong aristocratic feeling really makes people feel very much in line with Carina Lau's aristocratic atmosphere. On the whole, the house belongs to the European retro decoration style, and the overall collocation is more aristocratic. For example, whether it is decoration or display items, they are all used relatively positive colors, mainly with red and purple as the base tone, and yellow and black as auxiliary, which perfectly blends a different aristocratic taste. Carina Lau has indeed been exquisite in the decoration of the house. It matches her temperament and style very well. The photos of the restaurant posted by Carina Lau show that the western-style extra-long dining table is placed on the dining table with wine glasses and plates, etc. There is a crystal chandelier above the head, and there is a long display stand in front of it. Partially, you can imagine just how big the restaurant is. The decoration is also very luxurious, the decoration is very complicated, it is really a luxurious palace decoration. Carina Lau once revealed in a variety show that all the decorations in the home are all made by herself, and Tony Leung is not responsible for this. It has to be said that Carina Lau's decoration style matches her very well, showing romance and style. As for the color matching, netizens also said: It is very bold. But it also looks very luxurious, with a kind of palace beauty. So, do you like Carina Lau's luxury style?
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