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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04

Since 2013, the CSP LED package has given the LED packaging industry a strong cold wind with the concept of “no package”.

The chip factory directly applies the fluorescent layer on the wafer, and directly obtains the finished LED lamp bead after cutting, eliminating the need for the solid crystal, wire bonding and dispensing of the packaging factory, which indeed makes many crisis-conscious packaging factories feel The ruthless consequences of industry changes.

If CSP really becomes the mainstream form of packaging, the more powerful LED packaging factory, the harder it is to turn around. The huge investment of the solid crystal wire bonding machine has become a scrap copper and iron, and the scale advantage of the painstaking operation and management is like the Maginot line, which instantly collapses.

However, in the past three or four years, the CSP that once made the packaging factory talk about it has not replaced the traditional bracket type package. Up to now, there are only a handful of companies that have truly formed large-scale production. What is the reason?

According to the analysis of Zhu Xihe, general manager of Xingguangbao, “the technology of CSP in the LED field is not mature, because the LED is small in size, the production process is high, the precision of the production equipment and the level of the control personnel are also increased. The level of precision determines the level of precision, mass production yield and cost, and in the entire CSP production process, each process step has high requirements for technology, equipment and talents.'

'In addition, the distance control between the chip and the chip, the position matching degree control between the chip and the substrate, the control of the epitaxial chip wavelength range, the uniformity control of the phosphor thickness, the dispensing control technology, the sealing property and the like are also caused. There is no real reason for CSP.' Zhu Xihe said.

In fact, there have been some misunderstandings in the application side to the CSP. Many people think that using CSP The LED can eliminate the packaging process, and the chip factory can directly connect with the lamp factory, greatly simplifying the production process and reducing the cost. It seems that the packaging process will be eliminated from now on, and the packaging factory will have no living path.

But this is not the case. At present, the mainstream packaging forms mainly include SMD, POWER, and COB. The CSP package is the most popular package, which means it can replace the current mainstream LED2835, 3528, 5050. Therefore, CSP does not affect the entire packaging industry, but is currently the mainstream form in the packaging industry. In other words. CSP belongs to the technical update of the chip link, not to the packaging world.

'There is no way to reclaim the mountains and heavy waters, and the village is bright and bright.' The rise of LED headlights has opened up a glimmer of hope for CSP packaging. CSP's high-power minimalist package is exactly what car headlights need. The international giants Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, and Osram have sniffed business opportunities and quickly followed up on the layout.

'CSP high-power minimalist package, with high power, uniform light color, good stability, etc., makes the car light easier to use with light. At the same time, due to the application characteristics of CSP itself, the stability of the car lamp is very large. Improvement.' Zhu Xihe told Gaogong LED.

Of course, in order to cater to market opportunities, Xingguangbao has taken CSP as the key layout target of this year, and is currently stepping up its revision and upgrading, initially scheduled for mass production at the end of 2017.

In addition to Starlight, Hongli Zhihui, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Donghao Optoelectronics, Zhaochi Energy-saving Lighting, Keyixing and other domestic packaging manufacturers are also accelerating the layout, and several of them have already formed mass production.

Although domestic manufacturers are competing for layout, the products are different and fail to form a unified standard. For the CSP to be a module (standard device), the industry experts are also the same word.

In Zhu Xihe's view, 'Because of the size of the CSP, the placement requirements for CSP are very high, which makes the production of CSP integrated modules more difficult. It is necessary to design and develop high-precision placement equipment that meets the requirements for CSP placement technology. ”

After four years of market precipitation, will CSP eventually have a price or a quantity first?

“In the initial stage of any new product, due to the investment in development costs and the non-universality of related accessories and auxiliary equipment, the initial price of the new product will be high, which is inevitable, so when the product is recognized by the high field, The quantity that comes is the quantity. After the quantity reaches a certain level, the price of all the auxiliary materials and auxiliary equipment can be lowered to reduce the cost of the product.” Zhu Xihe finally mentioned.

Intern Editor: Liang Jieying

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