Can all copper semi-chandeliers be changed to ceiling lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
Many all-copper semi-chandeliers have corresponding ceiling lamps, as shown in the following figure: Can all all all-copper semi-chandeliers be used as ceiling lamps? Let's take you to find out! As shown below SZ06052- 04, this semi-chandelier is definitely not able to change the ceiling because of the uneven frame, because the frame is not flat, there is no way to fit the ceiling when installing. There is also a case where the semi-chandelier cannot be changed to the ceiling lamp because the semi-chandelier lampshade is stressed by the surrounding pull rod. The ceiling lamp is mainly fixed by the dental tube in the middle of the lampshade. Therefore, when the lampshade is large in size and heavy, if it is made into a ceiling, the dental tube cannot bear the weight, which will cause the lampshade to fall down on both sides, and the installation effect is not beautiful, even if it can be barely installed, it is also easy to cause safety hazards, so it is not recommended to change to a ceiling. In summary, not all copper semi-chandeliers can be made into ceiling lamps, or it needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the lamps, everyone knows!
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