Can All-copper chandeliers be installed in the renovation of old houses?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
Q: The ceiling of the home was originally installed with a ceiling lamp. Now it is a renovation of the old house. Can you install a copper chandelier? Answer: It can be installed. If your home was originally equipped with ceiling lamps, then when you install all-copper chandeliers, you must use impact drills to drill two screw holes suitable for the base of the chandeliers. Because the width and depth of the original screw hole are often different from the screw hole of the chandelier. In addition, don't forget to dispose of the old screw holes after installing the new all-copper chandelier. If there is no ceiling, the ceiling can be filled with Putty powder and then painted again. If there is a ceiling, it is necessary to re-paint the gypsum board cover.
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