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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
Copper lamp is a kind of lamp. The so-called copper lamp, Gu Mingqi is a lamp made of copper. Copper lamps are generally made of pure copper as the main lamp holder and some decorative ornaments. At present, the competition in China's lighting industry is heating up. There are no fewer than thousands of copper lamp lighting companies and manufacturers. How should consumers choose, the following is a brief statement of some common safety precautions for everyone. 1. Look at the label on the copper lamp. When purchasing lamps, you should first look at the mark on the lamp, such as trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. , to judge whether it meets your own requirements. Marking safety is the basic requirement for the safety performance of lamps, and the rated power is particularly important. For example, a lamp designed for 40 W, due to the unmarked rated power, users are likely to install 60W or 100W bulbs, which may cause Shell deformation, insulation damage, even electric shock and fire. 2. Look at the certification 3C logo on the copper lamp. This logo is a laser imitation fake logo issued by the state. Carefully check whether the above company name is consistent with the name of the lamp company on the lamp packaging. If it is inconsistent, it means there is a problem. It is best not to buy lamps from such manufacturers. Please note that the standard stipulates that the minimum cross section of wires used on lamps is 0. 5mm2, some manufacturers use wires with smaller cross sections to reduce costs, which may cause the wires to be burnt and the insulation layer to be short-circuited after burning. The identification method is: when purchasing, you can look at the marks printed on the insulation layer outside the conductor on the lamp, and the cross-sectional area of the conductor should be at least 0. 5mm2 3. Look at the anti-electric shock signs of copper lamps. There are some yellow signs on the luminaires, or some other × The logo reminds us to pay attention to safety and prevent electric shock caused by scratching the lamp wire body.
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