Buy cloth cover copper lamp to teach you how to match the lampshade

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
In the process of decorating the room, the lamp is naturally essential. When purchasing all-copper lamps for home use, in addition to paying attention to whether the style and color of all-copper lamps match the room style, we should also pay special attention to the choice of lampshades, which can raise the taste of the room to a higher level. First, first of all, to understand the role of the lampshade: 1, to block strong light, to avoid direct light into the human eye, causing dizziness. (2) the protective effect can prevent dust and lampblack from invading, thus prolonging the service life of the bulb. 3, decorative effect, the color of the lampshade and the shape of the match can also become a scene in the room. (4), the lampshade not only covers the lamp in order to gather light together, but also can prevent electric shock. 2. The choice of lampshade mainly depends on personal hobbies and living conditions. Q: How to choose the right lampshade? Answer: Method 1: the color of the lampshade is coordinated with the color of the wall. If the milky yellow wall is matched with a goose yellow lampshade, it looks harmonious and warm; The sky blue wall is matched with a light blue lampshade, which looks clear and fresh. Method 2: The color of the lampshade and the color of the wall are contrasted, because the general lampshade is relatively small, and the use of contrasting colors will make it stand out and produce a sense of jumping. When selecting a lampshade, it is also necessary to consider the color of the base. For example, the dark red base is matched with a crimson or Brown lampshade, which appears to be integrated. The use of contrasting colors is not recommended here. If you use contrasting colors, you will feel the illusion that the lamp is divided into two. When purchasing a lampshade, it should be considered whether the lighting effect is coordinated with the color of the lampshade, and whether the color of the lampshade will change after the light is turned on. Therefore, when selecting, you must turn on the light source to watch the effect before deciding whether to purchase it. The shape of the lampshade is consistent with the overall style of the room, otherwise there will be a sense of discord, which makes people feel awkward.
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