breastfeeding jaundice

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-08
There are other people dealing with this, what do you choose to do?
Sarah is at home for 1st weekends at bili light.
Her number dropped and the lights went out.
Now her numbers are up again. 15. 5)
But she was not re-lit because of the doctor.
It may be breast-feeding jaundice (
I have an ingredient in my breast milk that causes her jaundice).
He said I could do one of two things: 1. )stop breast-
Feeding for 48 hours.
, Pump to keep my supply and give her formula, it should drop down soon. or 2. )
Continue breastfeeding
Her jaundice should not deteriorate and check again next week.
Breast, I think.
The number of feeding jaundice does not reach a dangerous height.
I think I will continue breastfeeding, although I read that jaundice may last for 12 weeks. Lisadd (18), dd (16), dd(6), dd (4), dd (2)
, M/c ds @ 9wks 04/19/12, with an estimated ds of 2/22/13 and small jaundice.
Her last level is 10. 2, so no light.
I \'ve been taking care of her and she shit like crazy so I know she\'s flushing it out of her system.
Except for one of my 6 children, KariMom has jaundice on both blaith and EdenAll.
I have never given the formula and have been sticking to it all the time. My first DD (dear daughter)
The worst time-
I just let her sleep in the sun next to the window or under the fluorescent lamp in the kitchen.
Her jaundice lasted 6 weeks, but her ped didn\'t pay enough attention to suggest anything different.
I suggest not to add.
Even if jaundice takes a while to clear it, it\'s not dangerous and you don\'t need anything but breast milk.
Very lucky SAHM gave 6 great kids ~ 7 EDD 3/31/10 my son is jaundice and we went home on our first weekend as well.
I \'ve been in BFing and he\'s been shit like crazy all the time.
I will stick to breastfeeding and make sure they re-check the level.
Nolan Allen 3/2/10EDD 7/15/12Mah son waz jaundice also. . . . 8.
8 waz hiz level, I let BF n FF him, n let him get 30 minutes in direct sunlight every day, 4 da 1st weeks, hez betta now. Gud luck!
The 2 reasons I breathe are Tanisha aka NakiaThe. . . . Darion (DJ)
9/19/96 ~ N ~ Zayviion (Zayvii). . . 3/6/10. . . 6pdz. . 1oz. .
InNo does not stop nursing at all.
You can have a Billy blanket.
I work very well on the 4th.
I can stay at home with her and take care of her at any time and don\'t get stuck in the hospital.
When we left the hospital, Sophia was a little over 9 years old.
All I do is at eleven o\'clock A. M. every day-
At one o\'clock P. M. , depending on the time the sun shines on my window and the time it stays, I put her on a diaper and nurse her in the sun, and then, when she sleeps, put her on her bed and let her stay there until the sun disappears around the house.
Her eyes are no longer yellow.
I\'ll do it a few more days and see what peds will say when we get back next week. Mom to D-21,L-17,R-14,O-11,I-9,L-7,S-4,E-2,A-5mNana to A-2,H-
11mW ~ 37
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