boy, 9, left partially blind in both eyes after looking at laser pen ‘for two seconds’ causing ‘bullet hole’ damage to retinas

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
A little boy was partially blind after watching the laser pen for \"two seconds.
Nine-year-old Archie Mapson suffered \"bullet holes\" in the retina of his eyes in a green laser toy.
Due to the big black spots that cover most of the view, this primary school student can no longer read, see the faces of friends and family, take part in sports or cross the road alone.
The damage caused by the laser pen is so serious that Archie\'s vision is now damaged and both eyes have spotted scars and retina damage-the doctors think these injuries are so serious that they may be irreversible.
Emma Carson, Lee\'s 30-year-old motheron-
Sea in Essex said: \"I never thought it would be so dangerous to buy something at a toy store.
They also sell them as children\'s toys.
\"I think it may be the same as if you were looking at the light bulb for too long and it will leave a little interesting spots on your eyes for a while.
\"On the scan, it looks like a bullet has crossed his eyes.
You can see a black hole through his eyes. a clear hole.
\"Both of his eyes have burn marks, and the same is true for decreased vision.
But in his right eye, apparently the place where he started to look at it, the damage was more serious.
\"Archie didn\'t know not to look at the laser.
I said to him, don\'t shine in your eyes, but I think he\'s just curious and wants to see the light.
\"But the doctor told me that if he told me after 10 minutes, it would be fine.
Laser burns are instantaneous and they leave scar tissue like it does.
\"Archie has a green laser pen and bought it in a well.
There are well-known toy stores in Basil\'s in Essex for many years.
His mom just replaced the battery in the pen and reminded Archie not to look directly at the light before returning the laser pen to him for play on August 17.
It wasn\'t until the next day that her son complained that he couldn\'t see it-but Emma just attributed it to the performance of his allergy and gave him an antigroup.
When Archie told her that he could see the black spots and Emma realized that her son could not see the Signpost for the next week or that his brother was playing, she began to worry about something more serious.
It was not until August 24 that Archie was taken to the optician that he admitted that he had seen the laser directly-the eye doctor confirmed that the laser pen had caused immediate harm.
Since 2013, more than 150 eye injuries involving laser indicators have been reported, most of them involving children.
Lasers are divided into eight different categories, listing their potential threats as harmful health risks, and first-class lasers are considered safe with no possibility of eye damage.
The British Public Health Association recommends that the laser in a toy should be grade 1, or the output is so low that no classification is required.
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