Borrowing the ancient town light Expo spring breeze all copper lamps and lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
-Four days of 12th session of the ancient town Lighting Expo yesterday end from the world 100 more a country and area of nearly 50000 more a customers in the the Expo. Snooker's all-copper lamps and lanterns took advantage of this exhibition and won a lot. During this period, nearly 1000 colorful flags were rented and inserted into every street outside the exhibition hall for all copper lamps in snooker Meiju. At the same time, environmental protection information kits were sent to merchants from south to north free of charge. At the same time, all-copper snooker lamps and lanterns are also put into the latest video of all-copper snooker lamps and lanterns in places where customers often come and go near the exhibition hall of the light fair, such as Time Hotel, Silver Spring Hotel and Oriental Hotel, through a more intuitive way, the orientation, service and exhibitor information of snooker Mercure all-copper lamps will be promoted in an all-round way. It is understood that through a series of publicity and promotion, snooker all copper lamps have welcomed more than 2000 customers and completed nearly more than 6 million yuan of intentional orders. At the same time, it also strengthens the influence and centripetal force of the snooker Mercure brand among consumers. In addition, according to the sales director of snooker all-copper lamps, the sales team of snooker all-copper lamps will also increase the investment in the Canton Fair and the Hong Kong autumn lighting show. We strive to invite more professional audiences and buyers through a variety of ways to create a benchmark in the industry.
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