Borrowing a single kernel, the whole Copper Solder lamp will take off again

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-22
On July 18, the fourth skinning conference of the NIU Chamber of Commerce in Zhongshan was held in the all-Copper Solder lamp of snooker in Zhongshan Ancient Town. The Conference was divided into three parts. Link 1: nearly 70 entrepreneurs from all directions visited the factory and talked about the production process of snooker all copper solder lamp by the sales manager of snooker all copper solder lamp: Link 2: Self-introduction of the company's development history: link 3: question-and-answer skinning is aimed at the four major sectors of network marketing to skinning snooker all-Copper Solder lamps from positioning, website, promotion and operation. This skinning conference has combed the thinking of the entire network marketing of snooker all-Copper Solder lamps, and has gained a lot from the questions and suggestions raised by everyone, from this skinning conference, snooker's all-Copper Solder lamp ended its bad work and was determined to sum up the places that needed improvement after the meeting. On behalf of the all-Copper Solder lamp of snooker and Mercure, I would like to thank Shan Ren for giving snooker and Mercure an opportunity to learn and improve. I would also like to thank all visiting entrepreneurs for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend this meeting in the face of Typhoon and heavy rain, snooker Mercure all-Copper Solder lamp will definitely fly better and higher in everyone's expectation and care!
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