Big leak! ! ! Secretly tell you the 4 skills necessary to sell all copper lamps!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
The shopping guide is a front-line salesperson and a person who helps us hand over products and services to customers. Therefore, the sales skills of the shopping guide are particularly important. Today, snooker US secretly tells you the 4 skills you need to sell all copper lamps! First, have professional product knowledge, as the saying goes: Wanzhang high-rise buildings rise from the ground, there is no solid foundation, no matter how good the shopping guide can only see the flowers in the fog, the moon in the water. In the process of selling all-copper lamps, we found that there are still many customers who do not know much about the lighting industry, how to choose lamps and how to distribute lights scientifically. At this time, the guiding role of the shopping guide is crucial. You need to know how to match and design customers and how to match them to meet their needs. Second, learn to observe the words as a salesperson, in the sales process should continue to self-summary, learn to observe the words in the process of recommending products to customers, to determine who is the person who pays, who is the person who makes the decision, what type of all-copper lamp the guests like, what decoration style they like, etc. Third, have good communication skills, details determine success or failure, usually good process and communication language can not only impress customers but also save you sales time. It is particularly taboo to ask questions and answers in the sales process, so when we introduce our all-copper lamps to our customers, we can ask you how big your room is? ; What kind of decoration style do you like? ; Do you think our style is suitable for you? ; Do you have any special requirements here; After a series of inquiries and product introductions, customers will feel very considerate. At the same time, sales personnel are asking these questions in order to obtain more customer information and thus understand customer needs more clearly. Fourth, to impress customers with heart, the most direct way to improve the efficiency of the transaction is to impress customers with heart, instead of relying on the mouth to emphasize the advantages of their products to convince customers, to successfully impress a customer is equivalent to half of your success. These are the four necessary skills for selling all-copper lamps. To learn more about the sales skills of all-copper lamps, please call the national toll-free hotline of snooker: 400-800-7609.
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