best in class: today\'s great designers reveal their all-time favorite designs

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
Every May in New York is taken over by exhibitions, installations, lectures and trade shows that make up the city\'s NYCxDesign festival.
In memory of this moment, CNN Style invited 11 of the most exciting designers to present in New York to showcase the decisive designs that help shape their practices and inspire their creative vision.
Final light: PH lamtodd Bracher for Louis Paulson: \"My final pendant light is PH light for Louis Paulson (1958).
PH light is a category-defining lamp (
And the cultural style of the \"Danish style\" It defines).
This is the first chandelier to consider layered lighting for an optical pleasing effect, creating a soft ray projection. \" . slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/4-Todd Burcher is an award-
A well-received industrial designer based in Brooklyn, New York.
For the past 20 years, Bracher has partnered with some of the world\'s most famous brands, including Jaguar, Burberry, Humanscale and Herman Miller.
\"Vessel takes this logic to a new level through physics, and completely solves this problem through a comprehensive understanding of physics and cooperation with optical scientists.
\"Essentially, ships are just the future of lighting, science and physics, standing on the shoulders of the categories defined in the classic Louis Paulson PH chandelier series.
\"Final console: Le CorbusierLe Corbusier LC16-re-
Credit: CassinaNo é Duchaufour-
Lawrence: \"The furniture I designed for the Saints --
Louis was inspired by simple shelves that can store the holy-
Louis Stoke in the Attic
\"Similarly, the furniture designed by Le cobussier was assembled from simple wooden cases.
While it may seem humble at first glance, this piece of furniture reconsiders assembly and proportions to restore the glory and beauty of practicality. . slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5-Noy dushaver-
Dushaw four-
Lawrance is a multi-disciplinary designer and interior architect based in Paris.
His work is strongly inspired by natural complexity and continuity.
In 2003, he set up the creative studio Neonata in Italy, meaning \"new students \".
Final ceramics: Max LambThe Max Lamb series in 1882.
Credit: comity 1882 Co. , Ltd.
Lee Broom: \"I really admire what the 1882 brands do in ceramics, they are really in the innovation industry, and the series of Max Lamb is very different from other ceramics.
\"This is a very modern collection and the explanation for very traditional materials, workmanship and skills is amazing. \". slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5-Lee BroomLee Broom, one of the UK\'s leading designers, has partnered with Christian Louboutin and Mulberry.
In 2015, he won the Enterprise Award from the Queen.
Final glass work: Red Pyramid, 1993-99.
The picture is provided by the New York credit Hailer Gallery: John Hogan, the Hailer Gallery, New York: \"I am picking Stanislav libensk and Jaroslava breichtov
They are husband and wife, and they started the process of making sculptures in glass casting in Czech Republic.
Their cooperation began in 1954 and continued until the death of Stanislav in 2002.
Libeski is a painter, and blitztova is a sculptor.
They finished a job together.
The flow and aesthetic language is mainly to use glass as a lens to abstract the light and color in the space. \" . slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5-John Hogan is Seattle-
Artists and designers mainly engaged in glass work.
His work spans functional objects and sculptures and is about changing the radiant energy through the refraction of light.
Final form: Donald desfernando maestro: \"I like to revert and it\'s hard to revert an object to its most basic thing and allow the material to speak, convert, and
I remembered Richard Serra, who used only one material, metal, and then he bent it, it becomes a painting, a sculpture, a building, a device that conveys the body and spirit of the audience.
This is powerful.
\"Donald Judd did the same thing with his furniture, it was about plywood, and let the natural beauty of the wood sing.
Designers should be filters that are naturally provided and redesigned
Put it in context to expand our understanding of its natural beauty. \". slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5-Fernando maestro is the founder of the design company Fernando maestro studio, which flows out of his Brooklyn studio.
He creates sculptures with materials such as salt, coffee, sand, glass and cement.
The final sculpture: the wild mouth repair: \"The Wild mouth repair is one of the most important and well-received sculptors in the 20 th century.
\"As a sculptor, he is one of my masters of inspiration.
I was always fascinated by the simplicity and sophistication of his language.
The same identity, subtle and bold, is characteristic of our work. \" . slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5-Alain EllouzAtelier Alain Ellouz design interior as well as lighting equipment made of alabaster plaster and crystal.
Final coffee table: Diego giacometi Amoria: \"For my final work I will choose any Diego giacometi work, console or coffee table.
\"It seems to me that the form, refinement, restraint and energy of every work he carved are modern definitions.
His works are incredibly timeless, transitional, and stand up to any contemporary work of the day. \" . slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5-Samuel Amoria works in New York and in 2016 Samuel Amoria won the rising talent award at the prestigious ob & Objet Expo in Paris.
Decisive sofa: dating back to the \"rashness\" of the Second French Empire, the design of the Napoleon Lun III era connects three armchair seats into a clover --
Shape of furniture.
Luis Lin: \"I don\'t think Mobius is a bench in a strict sense, nor will it classify people who are not cautious as sofas, because the social interaction it proposes goes beyond the basic
Along this route, there are a lot of modern artists and designers who have done amazing work, but not being cautious is the beginning of everything for me.
This is an interesting and strange object of social interaction, and its form is very unique and beautiful.
It defines public interaction and creates an intimate place of contact for strangers, but strangely, each of us is still separated. \". slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/4-Louis LimLouis Lim is the designer of the ai studio.
He is currently in charge of Makingworks, the company\'s product design department.
Lim\'s sculptures and designs explore features, practicality, and games.
Final mirror: F of Gio PontiA.
33 mirrorLeah Ring: \"the most definite mirror, in my opinion, is the F of Gio Ponti. A. 33 mirror.
\"I love that it was designed in 1933, but still maintains a modern feel in contemporary interior design.
Curves and irregular shapes have become iconic, and it is not too picky and unique in elegance. The F. A.
33 The Mirror is also well matched with a wide variety of interior styles, which I think is really a good signdesigned piece.
It is timeless and enhances the overall feeling of space. \". slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/4-the Leah ring of another human ring is the founder of Los Angeles-
Another human being is based on design practice.
She created one. of-a-
Items, furniture and jewelry.
Final Bench: George Nelson\'s platform bench and snowgeta agree that their final bench design is George Nelson\'s platform bench (1946).
Christian Vestre, CEO of Vestre, January: \"This is a classic that continues to inspire street furniture design due to its architectural features. \". slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/4-sno hetta x vestreaccimed architecture and design company sno hetta works with Vestre, a Scandinavian street furniture company, to produce an outdoor furniture range for Times Square, New York.
The designers are Nick Coster and Craig Dykes of snowhita, as well as Esson Wall, Michael orovson and Torre Bergson of Vestre.
Final Lighting Design: andrea asiasio, parents of Castiglioni and Manzu: \"If I have to choose A lighting design, then it is the parent of.
Hezbollah and P. Manzu.
It was designed in 1970 and it is difficult to peel off the components of the lamp outside of this point.
However, you have a great design work that describes the space in a way that is very performing and sculptural.
\"It can rotate 360 degrees and move vertically from the ceiling to the floor, focusing on the specific position you want to highlight.
Easy to install and transport.
Parentesi is a powerful source of inspiration in my work, and Filo has a similar approach. \". slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/4-Andre Anastasio Andrea Anastasio is the influential design group Memphis of the original design.
He designed furniture and objects for Italian companies.
NYCxDesign will be released by May 24, 2017.
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