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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-21
Bengaluru: BBMP has moved the Higher Court of Karnataka for its permission
Ahead of a global tender for the installation of LED street lamps in 198 wards in Bengaluru, the company said the new system would save Rs 100 a year.
The civic body submitted an interlocutory application and an affidavit of a senior executive seeking to revoke the interim order passed by the court, which required the authorities not to proceed with the tender leave without the court\'s permission.
In the affidavit submitted by executive engineer NN Srinath (electrical)
The eastern division says they currently pay about Rs 15 per month for electricity (
Consumption of 262 yuan)
Operating and maintenance costs of Rs 60 per year, as well as the installation of these new LED street lamps to replace some 485 lakh traditional street lamps, will reduce the cost of energy consumption by 60 to 70%, again, maintenance charges have also been reduced.
BBMP seeks to revoke the interim order passed by the court, saying that the implementation of the project is a shared energy-saving model to achieve energy-saving through energy-saving measures (ECM)
BBMP and energy services (ESCO)
ESCO will have the right to receive 90% of the energy saved by BBMP.
According to BBMP, the petitioner has no experience in implementing energy-saving measures, which were notified to them on January 11, 2018 (contractors)
Lack of experience in energy-efficient lighting can not be a reason to claim a violation of the KTPP act.
BBMP further explained that Jaipur and boubaneswar have successfully implemented such an energy-efficient public lighting plan and are bidding in places such as lucchinana and Pune.
The scheme is a science-based project designed to standardize lighting and save electricity through appropriate mechanisms, BBMP added, monitoring the entire system electronically in a central location, as well as communication networks for security surveillance cameras and environmental sensors to track pollution levels in Bengaluru.
The BBMP power Contractors Association claimed in their petition that the conditions for the tender are that it can only help multiple parties
National companies and some select companies, people like them who are in a middle position will be affected.
They also claim that about 2500 employees they employ will be out of work.
The tender is in complete violation of the kanatakbang transparency principle in the Public Procurement Act.
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