Beijing Sequoia Valley Villa custom engineering lamps passed the acceptance

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-09
On June 29, Beijing Sequoia Valley Villa customized engineering lamps passed the joint acceptance by the three parties. The owner's unit, the design company and the snooker all-copper lamp Beijing dealer participated in the acceptance. This set of Villa customized engineering lamps is designed by the designer of the famous design company Dongyi Risheng, and has very high requirements on modeling and technology. After receiving the order for Villa customized engineering lamps, snooker Mercure has carried out in-depth design from various angles and has repeatedly and deeply communicated with the designer on every detail of the product. Finally, the rough of Villa customized engineering lamp arm accessories is determined by turning over sand copper technology, and then the product details are deepened by manual carving. In view of the fact that there are many acidic components in the air in Beijing area and the metal products are easy to age, the designer of snooker Meiju all copper boldly adopts the surface treatment process of outdoor lamps to color and seal the customized engineering lamps of the whole villa, to enhance the service life of the product. At the same time, in order to realize seamless welding of each welding part of the lamp body, the company has also worked out a thorough welding plan with experts such as the hardware supervisor.
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