Beautiful copper chandelier embellishes dream daughter room

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
As the saying goes daughter is father past life of lover is mother's small cotton padded jacket. Parents always try their best to give her the best, even her daughter's bedroom is carefully arranged for her, pink sheets, and her favorite Kitty, finally, add a star-shaped all-copper chandelier to her, and a dreamy daughter's room will be arranged. Snooker Mercure this personalized and creative star-shaped all-copper chandelier belongs to the modern minimalist style, giving people a simple and pure feeling without any unnecessary decoration. Simply selecting transparent clear glass as a lampshade, the lines of Copper Solder are very beautiful, which is actually a masterpiece of pure workmanship. This all-copper chandelier is as pure as a child and can clearly see its core; No need to speculate on its mind; , Simple, not artificial. Model: SD04126- 01 style: European style, size: W380 * H 380 applicable area: 20-25M ² Applicable light sources: LED, incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp. Do you also want to be your little lover; What about this beautiful all-copper chandelier? For more information about all-copper chandeliers, please call 400-800-7609.
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