Be cautious when joining the lighting industry. It is very important to choose the right lighting manufacturer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
A few days ago, I heard that so-and-so dealers joined in to represent the products of an unknown lighting manufacturer and paid a lot of money. As a result, the boss ran away, which made the dealers miserable and had nowhere to tell. Here, the editor told the dealers that it is necessary to be cautious when joining the lighting industry. It is very important to choose the lighting manufacturers. Let's learn about the characteristics of these unknown lighting manufacturers, and beware of being cheated in the future! First, there is no popularity, the scale of the enterprise is small, like some enterprises without popularity generally do not have much information on the Internet, because the scale is small, not big, there is not much money to promote or build a website. The scale of the factory is very small. When it is explained to the outside, it means how large the factory area is. As a result, it may be a private small production workshop or even a small workshop without a license. Therefore, it is best to see the manufacturer's formal business license and other relevant documents. Second, the price of the product is surprisingly low, and the temptation of large discounts is often seen. Some lighting manufacturers often offer various preferential discounts, and even throw out prices lower than the market price to tempt dealers to join the agency. Think carefully, if the product is lower than the market price, where can the quality of the product go? Consumers will not pay for the shoddy products. Do you dare to do such lighting? Therefore, we must find sincere and reliable lighting manufacturers to get the goods. Third, OEM production, do imitations many small manufacturers lie to the dealer that it is a large-scale factory, and then once the dealer signs the order, they will find some cheap small manufacturers, small workshops do, imitating other people's styles. Then use the cheap price to fool the dealer. Therefore, when the distributor decides to cooperate, he must go to the manufacturer for on-the-spot investigation, understand the basic production process of the product, and then sign the cooperation contract. All in all, all dealers must be cautious and cautious when joining in the lighting industry. Don't be tempted by some unrealistic preferential benefits, let alone believe that there is a free lunch in the world. Snooker Meiju is a lighting manufacturer that has been researching, developing and producing all-copper lamps for 18 years. The products have many styles and full styles. It is a trustworthy manufacturer. The lighting joining hotline is 400-800-7609.
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