Be careful when buying living room lights online, keep these points in mind!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
Now online shopping is already a way of life, and you can buy good things in the world without leaving your home. Buying lights is no exception. Many people no longer go to the lighting City to run West. They turn on their computers or hold their mobile phones at home. There are a lot of styles for everyone to choose from, but is online shopping living room lights really reliable? What are the precautions? 1. When choosing to buy living room lights, you should not only look at the appearance, but also the materials and structure of the goods. This is a basic understanding of the products. 2. The second is sales volume and comments. Sales Volume and comments are the customer's purchase experience. Look at the installation effect diagram of living room lamps purchased by others and make a comment on the quality of lamps. If the comments don't look like they are brushed out, they are all well received, then they are worth buying. 3. There are also some services provided by the seller. One of the concerns of everyone who buys living room lights online is: is there any door-to-door delivery? There is no package installation, because the living room lights are generally relatively large, unlike other lamps, installation and transportation are not a small project, so try to find a package that can be delivered to the door, package installation shop to buy! 4. The last thing to say is after-sales service. This must be seen clearly to avoid post-sales disputes. For example, how many days can I return? How to deal with the damage of the received lamps? Confirm these points and confirm the purchase.
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