Basic knowledge of living room chandelier purchase

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
The living room is a place for everyone to communicate and entertain. The decoration and layout of the living room is also very important. Take the purchase of chandeliers in the living room as an example. The chandeliers in the living room cannot be purchased and matched casually. Do you know all about the skills of choosing chandeliers in the living room? First, with the style, whether it is Chinese, modern, or European, American, style decoration, must choose the style of the living room chandelier, if you don't match the style, it will look very abrupt. Second, the height of the room, the general living room floor height is less than 3 meters, it is not recommended to use chandeliers, it is recommended to choose ceiling lamps or semi-chandeliers. Third, the size of the living room chandelier, the area of the living room chandelier should not be greater than 3% of the room area, if the diameter of the lamp is too large to reduce the decorative effect. Four, the quality of lamps, before choosing the living room chandelier must consider the living room ceiling heavy, and then choose the ceiling to bear the weight of lamps.
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