Bar design of lamps and lanterns: the unique style of bar lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Browse the release date - - - - - - - Traffic of the city, life eroding people's momentum, the weight of workers need a trigger channel their passion. And bars has been the best place to urbanite emotional catharsis, also became lost his passion, retrieving the pioneer area of self. So in the pub, lighting design has played a vital role. Lang lang jue jue bar bar the adornment design of the abandoned all specification, desolate forest, mixed with luxury baroque, secret sexy different style. From the outside looks like a kaleidoscope of quirky, a shiny crystal lamp, the mirror of the baroque and red lanterns with obvious Oriental flavor, make use of the flood light to attract the attention of people passing by. The bar in the lighting design is bright, work is to facilitate the bartender. Helen fort Helen fort bar bar adopts the design style of soho, with modern design methods of heritage, industrial heritage create fashionable life, create integration of history, contemporary, art, cultural city brand. The whole bar space can be seen everywhere the shadow of the industrial age, old machines covered the entire wall, droplight of restoring ancient ways the luster of the rust, even the floor using black and white series, restoring ancient ways in a harmonious rhythm of light and shade, like a made up tune played on a violin, seem to be quiet, elegant and comfortable. Different modelling, function with various interpretation from all directions through the effect of light and shadow, make the whole space change. Bar designer bold and decisive in terms of colour is applied, cream-colored, shallow purple, pink and so on mix in condole top, corridor column, floor and other elements. The whole design is both mature and elegant, and have the vitality of young, do not break and elegant style of graceful and restrained, let a person as if place oneself in the special art space, feel the unusual quiet and pure. Frequently used in the design of bar spotlights to create dramatic effects, and floodlight and spotlights the integrated use of, can guarantee the overall lighting is soft, can also make the light area clean-cut, clear and bright. Armani bar bar design using modern style, fashionable breath the game, give a person a dreamy feeling. Bar design elements under the bright lights, grown ever more charming, lighting mainly purple, created a romantic and dreamy artistic conception, let a person shine at the moment. From a certain perspective, bar design is the soul of bar lighting design of individual character style, like we human thought. So the design of the bar style should be more personality is distinct, an ideal bar environment requires in space design to create the ideal lighting atmosphere, the maximum to meet customer's various psychological needs.
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