Balcony with these 5 kinds of lamps all copper lamps, practical and beautiful!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
In modern home decoration, balcony has gradually become an important place for leisure, entertainment and storage in the family. Therefore, Balcony decoration design should receive due attention in the whole decoration design scheme. Balcony decoration also involves many details, such as the matching of balcony lamps. Balconies look different in everyone's mind. Balconies with different functions also pay attention to matching different all-copper lamps. As we all know, one of the most important functions of the balcony is to wash clothes and dry clothes. Generally, lamps in this area pay more attention to brightness and meet lighting requirements. The best-selling small half chandelier is a good choice, exquisite and small, but also very versatile! If you are a plant lover, then the balcony is definitely the best place to raise plants. This area is best with a small copper outdoor chandelier. If there are more sundries in the home, you can customize the cabinet on the side of the balcony wall to increase the storage space. Some balcony ceilings are made of wood, and matching with classical American all-copper glass ceiling lamps will add icing on the cake and have more lasting appeal! Owners who live a relatively small life can put a few chairs and a small tea table on the balcony. It is also very pleasant to sit and chat with a few friends on the weekend. This kind of leisure area is equipped with this SD07114- 04 is the most suitable, fully enclosed design, dustproof, insect-proof, even semi-open balcony is suitable for installation. Generally, if you often work at home or like to play games, you can also customize the desk bookshelf on the balcony as a small study. With simple lanterns, it will be more atmospheric and classy. Five kinds of balconies with non-copper functions and different styles of all-copper lamps have different effects. What kind of balcony does your family belong?
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