b&m are selling a glass ball table lamp for £9.99…. and it’s almost identical to a £60 john lewis version

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-09
Good John Lewis.
Known for its lighting range, including beautiful desk lamps.
But B & M was inspired by their stylish design and sold their own version for the sixth price.
Georgia glass ball table lamps in cheap shops are now on sale for £ 9 for lighting. 99.
This is more than £ 50 cheaper than a very similar lamp sold by John Lewis for £ 60.
The B & M light features a metal rod with glass ball details, with beige, silver and cream colors, 42 cm high.
Blurb invites you to \"create some retro charm at home with this amazing glass ball detail desk lamp.
The Lamp of John Lewis is 46 cm, not ordinary beige, but \"complementary mocha, made of faux silk.
Even so, the two lights are almost the same.
The stylish desk lamp is the latest style purchased from the high street chain, including a lamp
14 reindeer.
99 This is almost the same as the Debenhams version of £ 60.
They also sell LED products.
Up mirror for £ 29
99, similar to the high-end goods of 219.
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