Awkward European copper lamp manufacturer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
Since 2013, domestic European-style all-copper lamp manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms. According to incomplete statistics, from the beginning of this year to the end of May, Zhongshan Ancient Town has added more than 150 European-style all-copper lamp manufacturers, on average, there is a European-style copper factory that opens the door every day. This figure is more than the sum of the number of copper lamp manufacturers in the ancient town in the previous four years. It is undeniable that with the improvement of the level of understanding of the Chinese people, European-style copper lamps have gradually been accepted by the Chinese. At the same time, under the premise that decoration, furniture, electrical appliances, clothing and other industries tend to be Europeanized, lighting is inevitably Europeanized. However, according to industry veterans, the continuous development of European-style copper lamp manufacturers has far exceeded the needs of market development. In the end, is the all-copper lamp manufacturer in the ancient town in a very embarrassing situation as the industry said? With this question, the author walked into the ancient town of copper lamp manufacturers and made a one-week visit. In the process of visiting, we found that the sales situation of all-copper lamp manufacturers in the first half of the year was described in one sentence: several happy and several worried. Some of the copper lamp manufacturers that have been deposited in the all-copper industry for a long time and have strong development strength can be said to have earned a full basin in the past six months. Their sales volume has also been greatly developed in the expanding domestic all-copper lamp market. However, some of them have just opened and do not have any development capability. The development of some of the latest manufacturers whose product lines are mainly copied from other manufacturers is not so optimistic. Because there is no core competitive advantage, at the same time, it does not pay attention to the refinement of brand value. These all-copper lamp manufacturers made it very difficult to go from the beginning.
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