Appreciation of ancient bronze lamps of dragon head

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
In a trip, I did not intend to find a group of ancient Chinese bronze lamps, I can't put it down, I want it, I can't. After repeated consultations with others, I finally agreed to take a picture of this set of all-copper lamps. I dare not appreciate it alone and share it. This all-copper lamp is dragon-shaped, with its head held high and its neck slender. The body is thicker, the limbs are short and powerful, and the animal is like a hoof. The tail is upturned and the end is connected to a bearing plate. There is a cube ornament in the middle of the back, and there is an inverted trapezoidal hand to carry the lamp. A ring-shaped part is connected to the front and a bearing plate is attached. Then connect the tail bearing plate with diamond-shaped ornaments. The whole object is unique in shape and in one go. The shape of the dragon head is the same as the handle decoration of the early Spring and Autumn Period and the late Western Zhou Dynasty, and has obvious characteristics of the times. This bronze ware is well preserved, almost unrusted, and a small area of harmless rust is attached to nature, not artificial. This is a fine arts and crafts boutique copper lamp that combines practical products with art.
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