Apple car new patents: external lighting and warning system

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-22
Apple car new patents: 0 - external lighting and warning system - - - - - - 0 in general, the car before and after the lights can provide the basic information, such as the car is in the braking or whether there is intention of turning. Although for many years, the information is fine, but apple seems to think that can provide more data, to improve its function. Local on 0 0, the United States patent and trademark office ( 专利和商标办公室) A new apple authorized patents, called & other; External lighting and warning systems & throughout; 。 The patent explains to other road users a means of providing information, not just provide more light, apple that can install reflector around the vehicle, then on the reflector is set a row of LED lights, car rear part also set the shine, to provide more information. Apple said the reflector not only confined to install LED lights, almost any technology based on optical lamp can be used for this purpose, including edge-lit or backlight lights, OELD guide ( Organic light emitting diode) 液晶显示器( Liquid crystal display) Display panel and liquid crystal dimmers. Apple provides the patent application scenario instance, drivers car can be used to warn about the status of the brake system. Light brakes can activate the brake light, medium pressure on the brakes can light up the lamp, and completely brake can let more area lit up, for example, allows a red car rear window. Article lamp and the light areas are not limited to one color, but also in a variety of different color display symbols, words, figures, and other design, can provide about the speed of the car, car and the relative velocity after the workshop, the autopilot system status information, other vehicle state information, and even users to customize the other patterns, such as the useful information to others. The lighting system not only can be used to inform others, can also be used to communicate with the driver in the vehicle parking. When a user approaches or leave the vehicle, messages and other important data will be displayed in the user's side of the vehicle. This is not the first to consider using apple external notification to warn other users. A month this year, its authorized called & other; Operation of visual communication system and method & throughout; Patents, described by the car and the front of the external display similar notice, the future can be used to display the action intention of autopilot system. In addition to sign, the patent also recommend the use of projection, the lane changing the location of the vehicle to move, or parking when reversing the position of the vehicle movement projected onto the pavement. The previous: 0 China traffic light signal lighting BBS, held in Shanghai next article: Singapore: 0 in local selling the light bulb have to comply with the minimum energy conservation standard product recommendations
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