Anhui sampling: 23 unqualified batch of lamps and lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-21
Anhui sampling: unqualified batch of lamps and lanterns of 0 - - - - - - 0 recently, the anhui province industrial and commercial bureau released the first half of this year circulation field sampling observation of quality goods. The bureau recently in accordance with the law of hefei, fuyang, chuzhou, xuancheng the floodlight that sells on the market for sampling and, according to the results of leishi lighting, such as the pearl of the top group of lighting lamps and lanterns is not qualified. It is understood that in anhui province industrial and commercial bureau this organizing 0 batch sampling lighting lamps and lanterns, found unqualified commodity group, percent of pass is not. %。 Unqualified project for structure, exterior wiring and internal wiring, prevent to get an electric shock, insulation resistance and dielectric strength and electrical clearance and creepage distance, tag, harmonic current, etc. Fuyang city range obviously Dong Jia novelty lighting store, fuyang city states ou Lin lighting graduated arm, fuyang city states yi home run lamp arm, colorful light shop, Kong Min (mingguang city Macro light illumination) , mingguang city home lighting stores, mingguang city Jin Xiaowei lamps and lanterns shop, hefei Su Zhen trade co. , LTD. , sales department, xuan xuan city zhongshan lamp act the role ofing city shop of Oriental decorative lighting such as 0 dealers sampling the floodlight is unqualified. Unqualified brand involved in the top of the pearl, treasure can reach, leishi lighting, Jin Zhou lighting, delixi, Macao pu APL and so on. Territorial market regulators ordered by sampling of the operator, to immediately stop selling substandard goods, the sampling and initiate an investigation in accordance with the law. Editor: YanZhiXiang source: China's consumer an article on the net: household intelligent lighting system will need next article: '0 magnolia award for the lighting' declared officially launched product recommendations
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