Analyze how to choose European-style full copper lamps that are worth more than the price?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
It is undeniable that in the past few years, the European style of the copper lamp has not been accepted by most people. In recent years, with the improvement of the level of understanding of the people and the continuous improvement of the products by designers, european-style all-copper lamps have gradually been accepted and widely accepted by the Chinese people. European-style all-copper lamps not only meet the aesthetic needs of consumers in appearance, in terms of usage time, it has saved a lot of expenses for major sellers. It goes without saying that the material of European-style all-copper lamps is mainly made of copper, which makes European-style all-copper lamps not rust and have a longer service life than ordinary lamps. Then, due to the complicated manufacturing process and many procedures of all-copper lamps, copper is in short supply and the price remains high, so some manufacturers choose to use copper only locally when manufacturing all-copper lamps in order to reduce costs, which greatly reduces the quality and service life of all-copper lamps. As buyers, how should we choose the European-style full copper lamp that is really worth the money from the full copper lamp in the sea. First, listening to the sound, looking at the color, using electroplating technology to make imitation copper lamps is more common in the European copper lamp industry, in other words, relatively cheap materials such as iron or zinc alloy are colored more than twice. Although the effect is very similar to that of copper, however, it can be distinguished by mastering the observation skills. After the real all-copper lamp is colored, when we observe it with our eyes, it reveals the unique metal texture of brass. This kind of texture cannot be realized by other materials and processes. In addition, if we make a crisp sound when we beat it with a wooden stick, it means it is copper, otherwise it is not. Second, surface treatment, as a full copper lamp, whether it can be durable, the key is whether the surface treatment is in place. In order to save costs, some manufacturers have saved pickling, blackening, polishing and other processes. The polished material is directly colored with a color-adjusted sealing oil. The effect is that the surface ages quickly and the sealing oil falls off quickly. The method of discrimination is very simple. Find some places where oil is easy to accumulate at the corners and see if the color of the accumulated oil is dark red. If so, it means that the product is colored with fine color instead of the normal manufacturing process.
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