Analysis on the process and detailed rules of hotel copper lamp customization

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-19
Hotel copper lamp customization has become more and more exclusive to hotel clubs, and copper lamp customization has also become a professional technological process. Because copper lamps belong to high-end lighting varieties, different from other lamps, especially the problem of hotel copper lamp customization needs more attention and attention. What is the basic process of hotel copper lamp customization? What kind of information should be provided to the ordering party? 1. The hotel's copper lamp customization should first determine the overall style of the customized lamps according to the hotel's decoration style 2. Provide the customization party with the space size information of the venue and the detailed requirements for color and material. 3. Relevant pictures or drawings can be provided, and the style and appearance of lamps and lanterns can also be negotiated with the customizer. 4. After negotiation, the Customizer will quote, then you need to pay the deposit and sign the contract. 5. Go to the details of the customized copper lamp to deepen the drawings, and discuss together. 6. After the determination, the customization party will prepare for production and delivery. 7. Field acceptance, after passing the qualification, it can be shipped and installed. The above are some general procedures for hotel copper lamp customization. Each step is very important and noteworthy. Only in this way can perfect hotel copper lamp customization products be obtained, only in this way can the hotel engineering site have more grade and temperament.
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