Analysis on the difference of European lamp materials

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
Now, as long as you go to the European-style lighting home decoration city, the dazzling European lamps are dazzling. All kinds of lamps, all kinds of lighting brands, all kinds of lighting materials, such as iron, resin, Crystal, copper lamp, zinc alloy, etc. It is difficult for many people to choose. Here is a brief talk about several popular European lighting materials in the market. First, iron wrought iron lamps are mainly made of iron, which is currently used more frequently. Iron lamps are the choice of many lamps due to their common materials and moderate prices. Iron lamps are most worried about rust, which depends on the manufacturer's treatment of the surface of lamps. If the treatment is not good, it will have a great impact on the life of lamps. Second, resin resin is generally considered to be the product secreted by plant tissues, but there are also synthetic ones at present. Resin has good plasticity, so resin lamps are often made very beautifully, with rich shapes, bright colors and very suitable prices. However, if the resin lamp is not handled well, it will volatilize some harmful substances, which will be harmful to the human body. Third, zinc alloy zinc alloy is a kind of lamp material that has developed and become popular in recent years. Zinc Alloy is generally processed by die casting pressure, and its shape is rich. It is often used as a lamp arm and other accessories. The surface can be matched with various colors and other materials, but the surface is easy to fall off due to poor treatment, which affects the appearance. Fourth, Crystal, natural crystal is generally not pure enough as the main material, currently using synthetic crystal. The crystal is generally the most Swarovski crystal in Austria, followed by the Egyptian ASFA crystal, and the domestic K9 crystal is the most. At present, the crystal industry is rampant, and many inferior crystals are flooding the market. Some consumers will not be fooled. Crystal lamps are very luxurious representatives. Besides being the main lamp materials, they are often used as decorative accessories and pendants for other lamps. The crystal lamp is more troublesome is the health problem, cleaning will be cumbersome. Five, all copper lamps as a relatively expensive metal, copper was used as currency in China for a long time. There are many famous copper lamps in history, which are generally used by the Royal Family. At the same time, copper also has a bactericidal effect. At present, the market is generally divided into all-copper lamps and all-copper glass solder lamps. All-copper glass solder lamps are generally made of copper and glass plus solder technology. All copper lamp is a new high-end lamp, which is already the choice of many hotels and homes. Due to the reason that the process is made of materials, the price is also uneven. This choice is also a matter of opinion. Of course, some well-known brands should be selected to ensure quality. Here is a brief introduction to several common materials. With the development of industry and technology, it will be more abundant in the future, but the choice still depends on personal love for lamps and the influence of home.
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