Analysis on the characteristics of European chandeliers with different orientation lamp openings

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Different in the sales process, find different customers, always have different aesthetics, have their own preferences for the choice of lamps, hold their own opinions, take the European chandeliers that are often sold. Some customers like the lights down, because it is not easy to accumulate dust. Some customers like the lights up, because the lights are up and the light is not dazzling. In fact, generally speaking, if you buy a European-style chandelier with the lamp mouth facing up, it is difficult to avoid dust accumulation, but this kind of European-style chandelier has a little bit that light will not directly enter your eyes, the light is emitted through the lampshade and feels softer. If you choose the European style chandelier with the lamp opening facing down, it will naturally not accumulate dust, but the light of this European style chandelier is directly injected into your eyes and is not very comfortable to your eyes. Therefore, generally speaking, it is more appropriate to put the lamp opening downward in the restaurant. When cleaning at ordinary times, you can wipe it with a clean cloth, or you can remove the lampshade for cleaning by a master who specializes in cleaning lamps. It is more suitable to put the light on the living room or bedroom.
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