Analysis on several style classifications of all-copper European table lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
All-copper European-style desk lamp is mainly used as decorative embellishment lighting lamps to set off the atmosphere in the whole space. All-copper European table lamps are also divided into many styles and forms. European retro type: European retro type of all-copper European desk lamp is generally very complicated in technology. The surface of the lamp body is mostly decorated with various decorative patterns, birds, animals, characters, etc. , which involves the process of turning sand copper, the process of turning sand copper has also been analyzed before, and it is not repeated here. The copper parts treated with sand-turning copper are very elegant for the later polishing, polishing, carving and other parts. Look at the polishing brightness, you can see the details of the carving and polishing. Chinese style of the Republic of China: This kind of all-copper European-style desk lamp is also simple in shape, mainly in the style of the Republic of China. Generally, some glass lampshades are mainly used in the application of lampshades, mainly green, creating the atmosphere of the environment at that time, is a good choice for Chinese home. Modern style: the shape of the modern all-copper European table lamp is more concise and smooth, mostly composed of lines, simple and fashionable, and some are combined with modern elements such as crystal ornaments or LED, which is more in line with the psychological needs of young people. In fact, in the purchase of all-copper European-style desk lamps, it is mainly to look at the style of the whole home. The good-looking all-copper European-style desk lamps will be eclipsed if they are placed in the wrong place.
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