Analysis on selection and discrimination of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
With the improvement of the per capita living standard in China, all-copper lamps, which have always been high-end lamps, have gradually entered many people's families. However, with the increase of all-copper lamp manufacturers, the quality of all-copper lamps is also uneven, misleading many consumers. The following author will take you to analyze the real face of all-copper lamps. All copper lamps, as the name implies, are lamps made of copper. Copper is mostly divided into brass, bronze, white copper, red copper, etc. , but most of the materials used as lamps are brass. Many consumers will ask whether the lamps are all copper when buying all-copper lamps. If the store tells you that it is all-copper, you should not be happy too early. Such an answer indicates that the store is a layman, or inferior copper lamps. Why do you say this? Everyone knows that copper is a kind of metal with soft texture, so it is impossible to use real all-copper as the material of lamps. So what is the real full copper lamp? The brass, white copper, red copper and so on in the market are all synthetic copper materials. The brass used as lamps is generally called H62, and H represents Chinese character Yellow; The first letter of 62 represents the average content of copper. Why not 65, 68 or more? This is because when the content is 62%, its mechanical properties, plasticity, hardness, etc. are relatively good. Nowadays, many all-copper lamps are difficult to distinguish from the surface, so consumers can analyze and understand from some conversations with sellers. Only by mastering more knowledge can they avoid being cheated, in the future, I will share with you more knowledge about all-copper lamps.
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