Analysis on feng shui theory of all-copper chandelier in living room in family decoration

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Considering the lighting, feng shui and decoration, the lighting in the living room is no longer limited to one room and one lamp in the past; In many home furnishings, in addition to choosing a classic living room all-copper chandelier to decorate the entire living room, many auxiliary lighting fixtures are also selected, how to use feng shui to reasonably match all-copper chandeliers for floodlighting in the living room, wall lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps for local lighting and special lighting, etc, create a pleasant lighting space with a balance of yin and yang, and become a modern feng shui concept. From the pictograph, there are many different styles and materials for classified lamps. The houses facing the east, south and southeast of the home gate are suitable for choosing long tube-shaped and rectangular all-copper chandeliers in the living room, the number of bulbs is auspicious with 1 and 2. The house facing the west, north and northwest of the home gate is suitable for the living room chandelier with cylindrical, round and metal frames, and the number of bulbs is 6 and 8. The house facing the southwest and northeast of the home gate is suitable for choosing square lamp frames and lamps made of aluminum-plastic frames, while the number of bulbs is 4 and 9. The Yin and Yang knowledge about the use of all-copper chandeliers in the living room should be attributed to the color and shade of the lights. For example, the living room and the porch belong to the sun, and the lights in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the lights in the whole living room. If there are more light sources, the living room lights with the same elements should be used as much as possible to keep the overall style coordinated. If the living room area is large, lighting can be used to solve the Area Division.
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