Analysis of types of all copper glass solder lamp glass

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
All-copper glass solder lamp is mainly composed of copper and glass. Copper and glass are the main materials. Most people pay attention to the composition and content of copper, however, few people pay attention to the glass in all-copper glass solder lamps. The role of glass is actually very large. There are many kinds of glass in all-copper glass solder lamps. The thickness and light transmission of glass, many factors such as refraction will have a great influence on the effect of all-copper glass solder lamp. The following is a brief introduction to several common glasses. Clear transparent glass: this is the most common one. Its characteristics are transparent and clear, and its light transmission is very good. Frosted pickled glass: frosted glass is processed on the basis of transparent glass. It is characterized by hazy feeling, soft light, and some glass will be pickled and yellow, such glass has a more classical taste and enhances taste. Water pattern glass: As the name implies, its characteristics are like the water pattern on the lake surface. Its light is beautiful, and its light is like water pattern, which is unique. Diamond Glass: the surface of Diamond Glass is uneven, mostly in irregular geometry. It is a kind of glass with precise workmanship and unique taste. Bubble glass: bubble glass is based on transparent glass. From the surface, there are many irregular small bubbles. It is very interesting and feels like bubbles spit out by fish in the water. Ice Flower glass: Ice Flower glass looks like an embossed irregular Ice Flower, like a white ice flower that condenses naturally on the winter window. Tiffany glass: Tiffany glass is a very unique and noble glass. Most of the all-copper glass solder lamps are yellow and white, and the ancient charm is very good. All-copper glass solder lamp is a very noble lamp. Its material and technology cannot be underestimated. Each material and technology is very rigorous.
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