Analysis of three different light sources for all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
Everyone knows that there are three common light sources commonly used in lamps: LED, incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp, but do you know the characteristics and use of these three light sources? The following is an analysis of the characteristics of these three light sources by snooker Mercure all copper lamps. LED: The power consumption of LED is very low. Generally speaking, the working voltage of LED is 2-3. 6V it consumes no more than 0. 1 W. Under proper current and voltage, the service life of LED can reach 100 thousand hours. LED is made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps, which contain mercury and cause pollution. At the same time, LED can be recycled, this is also why LED is more environmentally friendly. Incandescent lamp: luminous efficiency 7. 4- 19Lm/W, average life time 1000 hours, color temperature 2400-2900 K, color rendering index 99-100Ra. Incandescent lamps have a high degree of light collection, are convenient for light control, are suitable for frequent switching, have little influence on the performance and service life of lamps when ignited or extinguished, have continuous radiation spectrum, have good color rendering and are cheap, easy to use, incandescent lamp is suitable for families, hotels, restaurants, art lighting, signal lighting, projection lighting, etc. Energy-saving lamp: luminous efficiency 50-70Lm/W; The average life span is 9000 hours; Color temperature: 2700-6400 K; Color rendering index 82Ra; Using tricolor fluorescent powder lamp tube, it has high light efficiency, small light attenuation, natural light, less power consumption and low heat generation, and is suitable for living room lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, hotels, shopping malls and other places. All copper lamps are generally recommended to use LED light sources, because LED has low energy consumption, can meet brightness requirements, and has long service life. It is now a widely used light source.
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