Analysis of the long letter of the bronze lamp in the two Han dynasties

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
Copper lamps developed into the Han Dynasty, and the lighting manufacturing technology has a new development. The casting is gorgeous, and the lamps of the Warring States and the Qin dynasty have both inheritance and innovation. Bronze lamps continue to prevail, ceramic lamps have gradually become the mainstream with new postures, and iron lamps and stone lamps have also appeared. From the modeling point of view, in addition to the bronze lamps of the figurines and the lamps in the shape of daily necessities, there are also animal image lamps; From a functional point of view, there are not only seat lights, but also running lights and chandeliers. The copper lamps of the Han dynasty have various forms, beautiful shapes and ingenious designs. They are both practical and have appreciation value. They have achieved the unity of use and beauty. Copper lamps in Han Dynasty are roughly divided into the following types: plate lamps: the shape of a simple plate lamp is similar to that of a high-foot bean in a bronze ware, with a lamp holder under it, a lamp post in it, a round lamp plate on it, and a wax cake for storing grease in it. Some lamp bodies are designed as animal images, such as Suzaku's mouth lamp panel. Some are designed to be tree-shaped, and the branches are connected to the lamp panel, which has a complex and rich shape. Rainbow tube lamp: Use the rainbow tube installed on the lamp body to suck soot into the lamp body to avoid air pollution. The cow-shaped lamp unearthed in Jiangsu has a lamp on the back of the cow, with a hollowed-out lampshade connected to the Rainbow tube leading to the cow. The cow's body is decorated with the wrong gold moire, which is extremely gorgeous. Even branch lights: The lights are tree-shaped, with multiple lamps on them, and some can reach more than ten. Running Light: The lamp panel is attached with a long handle, which can be used for hand-held mobile lighting, and the lamp foot can be placed under it. Chandelier: The lamp has a copper chain to Hang. The Hunan Provincial Museum has a prone-seated human-shaped lamp. The hands are stretched forward and the lamp is light and smart. The design is unique. The famous bronze lamp in the Han Dynasty is known as the first lamp in China; Long letter palace lantern! This copper lamp is shaped like a kneeling maid-in-waiting. She holds the lamp panel in her left hand, raises her right arm, and connects her sleeve with the lampshade. The maids are docile, dignified, dedicated, and carefully holding the lights to serve the master.
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